Earthworks - Newcastle

Planning to Build a New House? Let This Earthworks Company Assist with Your Newcastle Site Preparation

It’s an exciting and stressful time when you decide to build a new house. You’ve likely found your property and building site already, but it’s probably not exactly the way you want it. If you have your house building plans completed, you may need to make changes to your existing property to accommodate your new home’s design. When the times comes to do this, contact our team at Josh Wilson Earth Moving for your earthworks requirements in Newcastle.

Our company offers everything from site levelling to trenching for plumbing. We also help with site preparation and house pad construction. Every house needs a house pad, which you’ll also hear referred to as a foundation. This is a crucial part of your home building, as it acts as a support for the entire structure. Our experienced team knows this process, and we follow environmentally conscious, safe methods to create your new home’s foundation.

Because house pad construction is so vital to your home, it’s recommended that you hire a team of professionals to do it for you. While there are do-it-yourself methods, you’ll be happier with the peace of mind that comes from a professional service. It’s a delicate process that, if done incorrectly, can lead to structural issues with your brand-new home. Building a house takes long enough as it is. You don’t want more problems to come up after the process is finally done.

Let our earthworks team near Newcastle clear your site and build your foundation for you. Call us on 0431 959 930 for more information.