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Josh Wilson Earth Moving/ Servant Civil is a family owned business located in Maitland NSW.

Our team aims to provide earth moving services, with a focus on safe, sustainable, environmentally conscious solutions.

We offer obligation free quotes between Sydney and Port Macquarie. We aim to have minimal impact on the environment with each of our work procedures. We mulch tree tops in land clearing work and cut up trunks to be used as firewood, or haul green waste to a recycling plant. Similarly to concrete and soil, we do everything we can to deposit in recycling plants to be made into aggregate, road base, rock fill or to a clean fill site where someone needs it, with tips/dumps being the very last of our options.

350hp, 8T steel binned tipper truck
2018 Volvo ECR145L Excavator (16T)
2017, 4T excavator
2017, 4T skid steer loader, Tilt bucket, Slasher, Log grabs
11T load capacity tag trailer and small water cart.

All equipment is maintained to a high standard, washed, fuelled, greased and ready for your next project.

We are insured for all aspects of earth moving, from residential, private works, schools, rural, and civil. This includes, digging, hauling, floating equipment, tree falling for land clearing & small demolition.

We won't touch anything that we are not 100% not insured for.

Included in our quotes is thorough clean up of work area. This includes sweeping, shovelling leaving a clean & tidy work site has led us to return customers who keep us in business.

We do house pads, shed pads, rural road building using specified and unspecified material to suit your engineers requirements. We also break concrete and rock, dig for retaining walls, level out sites and yards, hardstand building, trenching for utilities, utility exposing, tank installation, site clean ups, rubbish removal, soil removal, pool digging, and pool filling in. We work for private customers, subcontract to landscapers, builders, other trades, other earth moving companies, general businesses, government/private schools & anyone else with a need for earth moving.

We do
•Stump removal •Pads for farm sheds •Pads for house •Site levelling •Block levelling •Dam leak repair •Dam clean outs •Tree removal •Dam building •Cut and fills •Waterway management •Trenching •Rock breaking •Site clean up and Rubbish disposal •Haul away fill •Delivering material to site •Working to suit your roster •Concrete breaking •Driveway preparation •Rural driveway construction •Pool digging •Pool removal •Footings •Fence post digging •Augering •Land clearing •Chipping trees •Road building •Access clearing •Horse/Rural burials •Tilt tray •Haulage •Bulk haulage •Machinery Transport •Heavy haulage •Farm equipment transport•Piping culverts